The aim of Sunshine Montessori of Oakbrook is to allow the child to explore, discover and learn through themselves, others, their environment and the world around them.


Dr. Maria Montessori said, "...education is not something the teacher does, but... which develops spontaneously in the human mind."




Between the ages of 3 to 6, we believe the children meet a sensitive period (the absorbent mind) when they retain the most in their lives. Putting a lot in the academic area of the room gives the child the opportunity to develop their physical, emotional, cognitive and social development. 

The child is able to experience choosing his or her work during an uninterrupted work cycle. This curriculum creates self-awareness, independence, problem solving and negotiating skills.





Our common goal as teachers and parents is to nurture and guide the child in achieving a great sense of joy and independence. 


"....So here begins the new path, for wherein it will not be the teacher who teaches the child but the child who teaches the teacher. "  
Maria Montessori: Education for a New World